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Custom Printing

It is a big responsibility to get shirts for your company, family or organization. It's a lot of money and you want everyone to be happy with the finished product. You want your order to be hassle free and no surprises. You want your shirts to be on-time and on-budget. Do you have someone to help walk you through the process?

At Palmetto Shirt Co. we have been delivering results for over 15 years. Specializing in screenprinting and embroidery, PSC follows a process to deliver the results you expect, on-time and within your budget.

The Palmetto Shirt Co. Process is our way of handling all of your apparel and promotional needs. Let us take the responsibility off your shoulders and rest easy knowing you're in good hands. We'll provide what you need, when you need it and make you look good in the process.


1. INITIAL CONSULTATION - We discuss your needs and how they fit in your budget. At this time, shirts are recommended and the right way to manage your art. 

2. DESIGN - We take the time to get your art how you need it to make everyone in your group or organization excited.

3. APPROVAL - You're happy with the art and the shirt for your team. Now it's time to let us handle the rest.

4. DELIVERY - In a week or less, we produce the final product and you have a great shirt in a timely manner.

With the Koss Creative Process, you can rest assured that you will have the finished goods you need. Trust us to make you look good!


If you're trying to gather additional information about, garment colors, sizing, other promotional item, or art we're happy to offer assistance. Please give us a call at (803) 794-3000. We look forward to working with you!